Compact Clinical Guide to Arrhythmia and 12-Lead EKG Interpretation

Translates difficult concepts into easy-to-master competencies

This is a user-friendly, step-by-step approach to the challenging clinical topic of Arrhythmia and 12-lead EKG interpretation in the Critical Care and Acute Care settings. Thoroughly researched and authored by nurses for nurses, the guide provides detailed and comprehensive concepts of Arrhythmia and 12-lead EKG interpretation with…

By Sandra Goldsworthy RN, MSc, PhD(c), CNCC(C), CMSN(C) & Leslie Graham RN, MN, CNCC(C), CHSE

Compact Clinical Guide To Arrhythmia And 12 Lead Ekg Interpretation

ISBN 10 : 0826198465
ISBN 13 : 9780826198464

This is an authoritative, yet clear and accessible, step-by-step approach to the challenging clinical topic of arrhythmia and 12-lead EKG interpretation in Critical Care and Acute ..

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