Burnout: Impact on Nursing and Quality of Care

Given the integral relationship between work-related stress, job dissatisfaction, burnout, and patient care, properly addressing nursing burnout is essential. The purpose of this course is to provide nurses with information to identify burnout and with effective strategies to manage work-related stress and prevent burnout. In addition, members of the public may use this course to enhance their…

By NetCE & Lori L. Alexander


Burnout The Cost Of Caring

ISBN 10 : 013091231X
ISBN 13 : 9780130912312

Examines the causes and symptoms of emotional exhaustion in work and personal life and describes techniques for coping with these feelings..

Nurse Burnout Overcoming Stress In Nursing

ISBN 10 : 9781938835889
ISBN 13 : 1938835883

Nursing is more than a job. It is a profession that attracts those who value compassion, want to make a difference in other people’s lives, and want to do greater good in the wor..

The Innovation Imperative In Health Care Organisations

ISBN 10 : 9781849809856
ISBN 13 : 1849809852

ÔHealthy organisations are twice as likely to get better results than unhealthy ones, and this could be a matter of life and death if your business is healthcare. Whatever way you..

Realities Of Canadian Nursing

ISBN 10 : 9781609136871
ISBN 13 : 160913687X

This gold standard Canadian text prepares and inspires nursing students to become engaged with and respond to the latest and most vital professional, legal, ethical, political, soc..

Workplace Mental Health Manual For Nurse Managers

ISBN 10 : 9780826137456
ISBN 13 : 0826137458

Targeting the complex set of stressors found in health care work environments, this unique, practical resource describes the impact of bullying, harassment, addictions, violence an..

Nursing Staff In Hospitals And Nursing Homes

ISBN 10 : 9780309556651
ISBN 13 : 0309556651

Hospitals and nursing homes are responding to changes in the health care system by modifying staffing levels and the mix of nursing personnel. But do these changes endanger the qua..

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