Gregory’s Pediatric Anesthesia

Overcome the risks to ensure safe anesthesia in your young patients
The surgical options for children, from birth through adolescence, have mushroomed in recent years. The challenges to anesthetists have consequently increased in scope and complexity. The 5th edition of Gregory’s Pediatric Anesthesia introduces you to the basics of pediatric anesthesia, and how they are applied to contemporary…

By George A. Gregory & Dean B. Andropoulos

L Heritage Boleyn

ISBN 10 : 9782352873549
ISBN 13 : 2352873541

En 1536, Henry VIII, roi d'Angleterre, a fait décapiter pour adultère, inceste et haute trahison sa deuxième épouse, Anne Boleyn, qui n'a pas enfanté l'héritier mâle qu'il e..

The Earliest Life Of Gregory The Great

ISBN 10 : 0521313848
ISBN 13 : 9780521313841

In his role of apostle of the English and promoter of Augustine's mission, Gregory the Great became the subject of what is one of the earliest pieces of literature surviving from t..

The Book Of Pastoral Rule

ISBN 10 : 9780881413182
ISBN 13 : 0881413186

"Recognized as the most thorough pastoral treatise of the patristic era, this sixth-century work by St Gregory the Great carefully details the duties and obligations of the clergy ..

Maxi Fiches La Protection De L Enfance 3e D

ISBN 10 : 9782100704781
ISBN 13 : 2100704788

Ces 28 Maxi Fiches détaillent, de façon claire et concise, l’essentiel de la politique et du dispositif de la protection de l’enfance en France en tenant compte des statistiq..

Historiography And Self Definition

ISBN 10 : 9004095012
ISBN 13 : 9789004095014

This is the first full and systematic attempt to set Hellenistic Jewish and early Christian historiography within the framework of Greco-Roman traditions. The thesis of the monogra..

The Life Of St Benedict Gregory The Great

ISBN 10 : 0932506771
ISBN 13 : 9780932506771

Preeminent monastic scholar Adalbert de Vogue analyzes and comments on Book II of the Dialogues of Pope Saint Gregory the Great -- the Life of Saint Benedict, Father of Western mon..

The Gregory Rift Valley And Neogene Recent Volcanoes Of Northern Tanzania

ISBN 10 : 1862392676
ISBN 13 : 9781862392670

The structure and volcanic activity of the northern Tanzania sector of the Gregory Rift Valley have hitherto been less well described than those in Ethiopia and Kenya. This book fo..

Principles Of Microeconomics

ISBN 10 : 0030245028
ISBN 13 : 9780030245022


Women And Workplace Discrimination

ISBN 10 : 0813531373
ISBN 13 : 9780813531373

An attorney addresses the millions of women who think they might be facing sexual discrimination and traces the history of federal measures enacted to assist workers in contesting ..

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