Anatomy & Physiology

There’s no other A&P text that equals Anatomy & Physiology for its student-friendly writing, visually engaging content, and wide range of learning support. Focusing on the unifying themes of structure and function in homeostasis, this dynamic text helps you easily master difficult material with consistent, thorough, and non-intimidating explanations. You can also connect with the textbook…

By Kevin T. Patton & Gary A. Thibodeau

An Anatomy Of Humor

ISBN 10 : 9781351531979
ISBN 13 : 1351531972

Humor permeates every aspect of society and has done so for thousands of years. People experience it daily through television, newspapers, literature, and contact with others. Rare..

Dance Anatomy And Kinesiology

ISBN 10 : 0880115319
ISBN 13 : 9780880115315

Suitable for dance teachers and students, as well as for dance professionals, this text covers the basic anatomical and biomechanical principles that apply to optimal performance i..

Surgical Anatomy Of The Face

ISBN 10 : 0781741505
ISBN 13 : 9780781741507

Thoroughly updated to reflect the latest refinements in operative technique, this full-color atlas provides a surgeon’s-eye view of the anatomic structures and relationships enco..

Anatomy And Physiology

ISBN 10 : 1582551804
ISBN 13 : 9781582551807

This new Second Edition contains general and specific information on human anatomy and physiology and thoroughly explains and demonstrates normal structures and functions in all bo..

Gross Anatomy

ISBN 10 : 0781771749
ISBN 13 : 9780781771740

Presents detailed information and diagrams about human anatomy, with review questions and answers, and a comprehensive examination...

Hyman S Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

ISBN 10 : 0226870138
ISBN 13 : 9780226870137

The purpose of this book, now in its third edition, is to introduce the morphology of vertebrates in a context that emphasizes a comparison of structire and of the function of stru..

Comparative Wood Anatomy

ISBN 10 : 3540411739
ISBN 13 : 9783540411734

This second edition has been completely revised and has incorporated significant changes that have occurred in wood anatomy over the past years. "This book is recommended to all wh..

A Textbook Of Anatomy And Physiology

ISBN 10 : 0748736344
ISBN 13 : 9780748736348

The third edition of this popular introduction to human anatomy and physiology has been revised, enlarged and redesigned to make it even more accessible. By using glossaries, table..

Anatomy For Strength And Fitness Training

ISBN 10 : 1847731538
ISBN 13 : 9781847731531

Using anatomical illustrations of the way muscles and tendons work, this book provides visual insight into what happens to the body during exercise, making it useful to those activ..

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