Brain Briefs: Answers to the Most (and Least) Pressing Questions about Your Mind

Why do we love kitten videos so much? Does time speed up as we get older? Should we play brain games? Can we make ourselves happy? Art Markman and Bob Duke, hosts of the popular Austin-based KUT radio show and podcast Two Guys on Your Head, are here to answer all your questions about how the brain works and why we behave the way we do. Featuring the latest empirical findings, this is science served up in fun and revelatory bite-size bits, along with a complete set of references for further…

F Lelsernes Politik

ISBN 10 : 9788702239133
ISBN 13 : 8702239132

Der findes to slags politikere: Dem, der sikkert har ret i deres udtalelser, men som ikke vedkommer os – og dem, som slet ikke har ret, men som trods alt berører os. Følelserne..

Discovering Computers Fundamentals

ISBN 10 : 9781423927020
ISBN 13 : 1423927028

Students are guided through the latest trends in computer concepts and technology in an exciting and easy-to-follow format. Updated for currency, this book and the robust Online Co..

Re Thinking The Cogito

ISBN 10 : 9781441160164
ISBN 13 : 1441160167

Re-Thinking the Cogito seeks to combine a strongly naturalistic with a distinctively rationalist perspective on some nowadays much-discussed issues in philosophy of mind. Against t..

Rebuilding On The Fly

ISBN 10 : 9780992151317
ISBN 13 : 0992151317

The 2005 lockout effectively killed the Sundin-era Maple Leafs. The team that exited this lockout was old and not very good. After a few years of pretending the old formula of 'Sun..


ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :

Monthly current affairs magazine from a Christian perspective with a focus on politics, society, economics and culture...

Pawn S Gambit

ISBN 10 : 9781906791926
ISBN 13 : 1906791929

This is an enthralling political thriller. Starting from one seemingly inconsequential event, it escalates to embrace contemporary political events on an epic scale. Though a work ..

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