Maxwell Quick Medical Reference

A valuable resource for any health professional, the Maxwell Quick Medical Reference packs essential information used in everyday clinical practice. Color-coded pages group the information by topic and make it easily accessible while heavy cardstock paper and plastic spiral binding make the book durable day in and day out. Pocket size allows it to go anywhere – the wards, E.R., O.R., clinic – even the library or lab.

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ISBN 10 : 2267032317
ISBN 13 : 9782267032314

Nul écrivain n'a su aussi bien relater le drame de la maladie, que ce soit sur le plan humain ou médical, avec autant d'honnêteté et d'éloquence qu'Oliver Sacks. Durant les de..

Le N 13 De La Rue Marlot

ISBN 10 : 9789635250776
ISBN 13 : 9635250770

Premier volet des «Mémoires d’un détective». Le cadavre d'un parfait inconnu est retrouvé au matin dans un petit immeuble paisible de la non moins tranquille rue Marlot, dan..

Case Reports Basics And Publishing

ISBN 10 : 9781515235071
ISBN 13 : 1515235076

Case Reports: Basics and Publishing is a book that might be the fundamentals to making a proper case report. Most importantly, it might help you write an article to be published in..

The Finest Traditions Of My Calling

ISBN 10 : 9780300211405
ISBN 13 : 0300211406

Patients and doctors alike are keenly aware that the medical world is in the midst of great change. We live in an era of continuous healthcare reforms, many of which focus on high ..

Prognosis Poor

ISBN 10 : 9781682220887
ISBN 13 : 1682220885

Prognosis: Poor is a poignant snapshot of one physician's medical training. Frances Southwick, D.O. explores the highs and lows (more often the lows) of the process of becoming a d..

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