Humanistic Nursing

This book explores Humanistic Nursing Practice Theory along with its fundamentals , skills and research. It also covers Foundations of Humanistic Nursing.

By Josephine G. Paterson

Paterson And Zderad

ISBN 10 : 0803947984
ISBN 13 : 9780803947986

Nursing is placed within a humanistic framework in Paterson and Zderad's theory, which defines nursing as a nurturing response aimed at well-being. Three constructs of nursing, whi..

Humanistic Nursing

ISBN 10 : 1533240108
ISBN 13 : 9781533240101

Concisely, humanistic nursing practice theory proposes that nursesconsciously and deliberately approach nursing as an existentialexperience. Then, they reflect on the experience an..

Patterns Of Nursing Theories In Practice

ISBN 10 : 0887376002
ISBN 13 : 9780887376009

This companion to Nursing Theories in Practice presents the main tenets of each major nursing theory and its role in practice. It provides significant examples of transcultural and..

Humanism Nursing Communication And Holistic Care A Position Paper

ISBN 10 : 9781469103235
ISBN 13 : 1469103230

The purpose of this book is to present cohesive, introductory information, drawn from the disciplines of speech communication, interpersonal communication, and nursing. It is propo..

Philosophical And Theoretical Perspectives For Advanced Nursing Practice

ISBN 10 : 0763718580
ISBN 13 : 9780763718589

A collection of 26 classic and contemporary articles, this text is divided into sections addressing the discipline and development of nursing knowledge, the history and evolution o..

Nursing Education

ISBN 10 : 0702126209
ISBN 13 : 9780702126208

This work covers selected contemporary issues in nursing education and deals with the role of the nurse educator and that of the student, as well as with aspects of a dynamic teach..

Philosophical And Theoretical Perspectives For Advanced Nursing Practice

ISBN 10 : 9781449684273
ISBN 13 : 1449684270

An excellent resource for graduate nursing students in master's and doctoral programs! Philosophical and Theoretical Perspectives for Advanced Nursing Practice focuses on the theor..

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