Youth Policy In Greece

ISBN 10 : 9789287181589
ISBN 13 : 9287181586

Greece is the 20th country to have had its youth policy reviewed by an international review team appointed by the Council of Europe. The financial crisis and resulting high unemplo..

Youth Policy In Cyprus

ISBN 10 : 9287160481
ISBN 13 : 9789287160485

This publication is part of a series of reviews of national youth policies carried out by the Council of Europe, in collaboration with researchers, non-governmental youth organisat..

Youth Policy Manual

ISBN 10 : 9287165769
ISBN 13 : 9789287165763

How do institutions such as the European Union, the Council of Europe and the United Nations address youth policy, and how can this work be concretely linked to the efforts of a na..

Youth Policy In Spain

ISBN 10 : 9287142653
ISBN 13 : 9789287142658